Chutneys Caterers is a business based in Swindon. We are a family business and we understand the dynamics of different events. We use our 10 years experience in the catering industry to create delicious food specially tailored to meet our customers' individual requirements.

At Chutneys Caterers, we serve only pure vegetarian food. We are always ready to cater for your special events such as weddings, private functions, corporate events, birthdays, graduations and office meetings, d elivering/providing fresh modern food to make your event complete. Our menus combine both contemporary and traditional cuisine providing a fine range of authentic Indian dishes (Gujarati, Jain and Punjabi) that can be manipulated to suit personal taste and individual budget. At Chutneys Caterers we take great pride in using traditional cooking techniques and authentic ingredients giving you a taste experience that is truly unforgettable!

We also provide a Tiffin service from Lunch to Dinner! Our aim is to provide home cooked, fresh, healthy and nutritious Indian and Asian food delivered to your doorstep. Delivering across Swindon we work very hard to produce mouth watering tasty homemade food made using authentic Indian ingredients. Unlike restaurants, in our cooking we only use fresh vegetables and seasonal spices to create delicious simple recipes with great flavours. For more details on the Tiffin service and the menu, please call us on 07878938615. Chutney Caterers are part of MR Foods Ltd.